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I'm an introverted (ISTP), bisexual Norwegian librarian-in-training.

Yognau(gh)t, Nerdfighter, Beardlover, Audience member, Klitznerd, Bich, Mythical Beast, Whovian, SPN-fan, GoT-fan, Potterhead and bookworm.

In addition to Youtube stuff and other media, my blog will also contain some art/drawings/random stuff.

Aug 22 '14

[Image: Gamora, Peter Quill, Rocket, Drax, and baby Groot all sitting together; Groot is growing flowers from either hand. Gamora and Peter have flowers in their hair, Rocket has flowers in his tail, and Drax is holding and sniffing a flower.]



[Image: Gamora, Peter Quill, Rocket, Drax, and baby Groot all sitting together; Groot is growing flowers from either hand. Gamora and Peter have flowers in their hair, Rocket has flowers in his tail, and Drax is holding and sniffing a flower.]



Aug 22 '14




imagine after first contact with the vulcans there were all kinds of programs for cultural exchange so you had a bunch of vulcan ambassadors being shown prime examples of the human cultural experience and one of those examples was a group of vulcans being taken to the superbowl just standing there in their proper vulcan robes in between half naked humans with their faces painted, shouting and waving giant foam hands, and the vulcans were given giant foam hands, and they were like ‘what in surak’s name is this’

Vulcan ambassadors at a rock concert

Vulcan ambassadors at Oktoberfest

Vulcan ambassadors getting lost in The Mall of America

Vulcan ambassadors appearing as special guests on various talk shows including Ellen, Oprah, and the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson

Vulcan ambassadors writing research reports upon the bizarre human phenomena of “reality tv shows” even though these shows clearly do not represent an authentic reality

Vulcan ambassadors being persuaded to wear snuggies and eat popcorn and watch The Wizard of Oz

vulcan ambassadors on roller coasters, picking up their mid-ride photographs after, all of their faces like “:|” next to the humans beside them all “:O!”

vulcan ambassadors observing human fans of boy bands, wondering what about their pheromones could possibly cause such mass hysteria

vulcan ambassadors taken to halloween parades, where humans are dressed up as vulcans

vulcan ambassadors treated to a stack of pancakes for the first time

vulcan ambassadors becoming addicted to comic books, memorizing every plot point and retcon

vulcan ambassadors at a water park. they do not trust it.

Aug 22 '14


I’m crying I can’t believe this

Aug 22 '14







why dont these words rhyme

but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

Aug 22 '14






Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel 

Speaking their lines vs the final product

Why is Vin Diesel looking down? Is he worried he’s gonna forget his line?

Vin Diesel asked the director his inspiration for every line he did and did multiple takes until he was satisfied. He also recorded the line over 1,000 times and also recorded his lines in Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish so they could use his real voice in those versions. He’s looking at his lines because Vin Diesel is a  dedicated professional

The better question: why the hell is he wearing sunglasses in the studio?

So he can’t see the haters.

Aug 22 '14
Sjin - Sjin's Sneeze (Yogscast - Misc)


Sjin sneezing (then getting laughed at by Duncan & Lewis) in Skyblock #45: Bent Nozzle

Aug 22 '14


marvel + text posts (x)

Aug 22 '14
Aug 22 '14




Easter Island’s Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs

21 January, 2014 - Standing some 2,000 miles west of Chile, on the Easter Island, 887 mysterious giant statues have intrigued scientists and the public for years.

For a long time it was believed that the massive statutes consisted of just the heads.

However, in October 2011, when the Easter Island Statue Project began its Season V expedition, scientists could reveal remarkable photos showing that the bodies of the statues go far deeper underground than just about anyone had imagined.

Project director Jo Anne Van Tilburg said: “Our EISP excavations recently exposed the torsos of two 7m tall statues.

The statutes on Easter Island have bodies covered with ancient undeciphered petroglyphs.

"We found a round, deep post hole into which the Rapa Nui had inserted a tree trunk," she said. Van Tilburg said ropes were attached to the tree trunk and to the partially carved statue. "We found a rope guide that was actually carved into the bedrock near the statue." The Rapa Nui then used the tree trunk to raise the statue upright. Before the statue was upright, they carved its front. Once it stood erect, they finished the back, Van Tilburg explained.

The excavation team also found about 800 grams of natural red pigment —nearly two pounds —in the burial hole, along with a human burial. Van Tilburg believes the pigment was used to paint the statues, just as the Rapa Nui used pigment to paint their bodies for certain ceremonies.

The unusually large amount of pigment found indicates that it might have been used by a priest or chief, perhaps as part of mortuary practice, she said. Human bones were found throughout the dig, indicating that people buried their dead around the statues.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visitors to the island have been astonished to see that, indeed, Easter Island statues have bodies!

More important, however, we discovered a great deal about the Rapa Nui techniques of ancient engineering.”

Among their discoveries, the team discovered:

· The dirt and detritus partially burying the statues was washed down from above and not deliberatelyplaced there to bury, protect, or support the statues

· The statues were erected in place and stand on stone pavements

· Post holes were cut into bedrock to support upright tree trunks

· Rope guides were cut into bedrock around the post holes

· Posts, ropes, stones, and different types of stone tools were all used to carve and raise the statues upright

The two “heads” in the quarry where Van Tilburg’s team dug are standing figures with torsos, truncated at the waist, that have become partially buried by eroded dirt and detritus over centuries.

The team also discovered that ceremonies were certainly associated with the statues.

On the project website, Van Tilburg said: “We found large quantities of red, some of which may have been used to paint the statues.

Finally, and perhaps most poignantly, we found in the pavement under one statue a single stone carved with a crescent symbol said to represent a canoe, or vaka.

The backs of both statues are covered with petroglyphs, many of which are also vaka.

A direct connection between the vaka symbol and the identity of the artist or group owning the statue is strongly suggested.”

Still, many of these ancient petroglyphs remain undeciphered and the history of one of the most remote islands in the world is now even more mysterious than ever.
Image credit: EISP.ORG

This is fuckin’ boss!

But seriously, I love how for the longest time everyone was just like ‘yep. Giant heads. just giant heads.’ and no one even ever bothered to check.
You know what happens when you make an assumption, guys.

Aug 22 '14

wel  t   hole


wel  t   hole